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  1. What school divisions attend each site?

Keysville site: Amelia, Buckingham, Cumberland, Charlotte, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg (Bluestone H.S.), and Prince Edward
Alberta site: Brunswick , Greensville , Nottoway, Mecklenburg (Parkview H.S.)

  1. When is GSSV closed?

GSSV is closed for students when the “key” school division is closed. The Keysville site follows Lunenburg and the Alberta site follows Brunswick.

  1. What about a one-hour delay at the “key” school division?

Students report to GSSV one-hour late.

  1. What about a two-hour delay at the “key” school division?

GSSV will be closed for students if there is a two-hour delay at the “key” school division.

  1. What if the home school is closed?

Students from that school division do not report to GSSV.

  1. What happens if GSSV is open on a regular schedule and a home school has a two hour delay?

Students from school divisions who have a two-hour delay are not expected at GSSV. This is both a time constraint issue and a safety issue. Because of the three and one-half hour instructional day at GSSV, it would be impractical for students to leave a home school on a delayed opening and arrive at GSSV in time for instruction.