Governor's School News

Rube Goldberg Machines

Junior STEM research students have been working on Rube Goldberg machines. [VIDEO]

Viewing the Eclipse

Students at the Governor’s School of Southside Virginia and Southside Virginia Community College joined with others across the nation to view the historic solar eclipse that took place on August 21.

A Healthy and Active Lifestyle

student attend event

The Governor’s School guest speaker, Moriah Bellissimo, spoke to students about the necessity of staying healthy and active.

Roaring 20s Flashback

Students stepped back in time to study one of America’s favorite eras: the Roaring 20s!

Fairytale Outreach

Student performers in Peter Pan

On November 16th, gifted middle school students from Brunswick, Greensville, Mecklenburg, and Nottoway visited the Alberta campus of SVCC to enjoy fairy tale adventures. (More Photos)

"Yellow Brick Road"

Students visit the land of Oz

On October 21, 2016, the Governor's School of Southside Virginia, Keysville site led third grade students from seven feeder divisions down the yellow brick road into the wonderful Land of Oz. (More Photos)

Dr. Hurt Receives Award

Dr. Joyce "Joy" Hurt of Southside Virginia Community College was awarded one of five inaugural leadership awards presented by the Virginia Community College System on November 17th.

GSSV Students Attend Meeting

Governor's School Meeting

Students from the Governor's School of Southside Virginia recently attended a joint site meeting on the John H. Daniel Campus in Keysville.

GSSV Students Compete

GSSV Students Compete in Chemistry Olympiad

The Governor’s School of Southside Virginia participated in the American Chemical Society’s Chemistry Olympiad during March 2016. GSSV was awarded first place in the small school category for the second year exam.

Engineering Joint-Site Event

electrochemical cell experiment

The GSSV STEM Pre-engineering students from the Daniel and Christanna campuses came together in March to share and participate in exploratory activities that detailed electrochemical cells.