Viewing the Eclipse

Students at the Governor’s School of Southside Virginia and Southside Virginia Community College joined with others across the nation to view the historic solar eclipse that took place on August 21. In addition to donning their viewing glasses, students gathered data and made observations during the event. The GLOBE Observer app was used to upload the information to a NASA server for use by scientists studying the many environmental and atmospheric changes that occurred during the eclipse.

In addition, students learned interesting facts about eclipses, viewed live-streamed events hosted by NASA, and photographed shadow changes during the eclipse. Mr. Richey, Dr. Gadiyaram, Governor’s School staff, and others were on hand to answer questions, moderate discussions, and facilitate activities. Of course, no eclipse event is complete without eclipse-themed treats which were provided by Brent Richey and the Governor’s School faculty. A wonderful viewing and learning experience was had by all participants.