Sonnet Slam

On February 14th, the Alberta campus celebrated Valentine's Day with a sonnet slam and refreshments. The juniors provided yummy refreshments while the seniors read original sonnets composed for their Creative Writing class.

First a senior, Hunter Smith,explained the characteristics of sonnets to the juniors as well as the differences between Petrarchan and Shakespearean/Elizabethan sonnets. Juniors were the judges of the best sonnet, and although there were many popular poems, Catherine Weaver's sonnet was selected as the best.

Valentine’s Day Sonnet
By: Catherine Weaver

The color red is danger, strength, and war,
but now it dyes the hands of love and lust.
These hues of pink and white I’ve seen before,
this day I can never seem to adjust.

I wasn’t lonely this time in years past,
but sometimes things don’t work the way I want.
And now it seems my loneliness is vast,
but all I can do is be nonchalant.

I don’t want chocolates, flowers or a bear
from some guy who is getting his hopes up.
Instead I want to be with friends who care,
to help me avoid another screw-up.

I’m not in love, you’re too stubborn to see.
But now you do, so please just let me be.