Rube Goldberg Machines

For the past several weeks, the Junior STEM research students in Keysville have been working on handmade Rube Goldberg machines. While doing so, they examined the effects of various types of energy and simple machines on their projects. The purpose of a Rube Goldberg machine is to find a simple task and “over complicate” the processes in order to accomplish that goal.

“Although the group work was strenuous and sometimes contentious, the experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I learned a lot about problem solving and the intricacies of Rube Goldberg machines” (Ben Roberts, GSSV Junior STEM student).

“The reactions from the students seeing their projects function properly was very rewarding. That’s what teaching is all about!” (Mrs. Tara Beck, GSSV Research and English instructor).

Overall, the students thoroughly enjoyed putting these machines together and presenting their successful work.