Roaring 20s Flashback

GSSV joint site events have two main ingredients: community-building and curriculum-connections.

On March 24, 2017, Keysville students and staff joined their Alberta cohorts to step back in time to study one of America’s favorite eras: the Roaring 20s!

All junior students read some of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary works, so the Governor’s School populace is quite familiar with his characters. The joint site event offered them an opportunity to “become” just such a character as the day began with a parade of typical period attire. Quite a few Flappers appeared on the scene as well as dapper gentlemen in retro fashions.

Talented artists, musicians, vocalists, and dramatists shared compositions representative of the beloved Jazz Era; songs such as “I Wanna Be Loved by You” and “Backwater Blues” entertained us all as well as a silent movie, scenes from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s plays, and a Three Stooges episode. Pianists, a guitarist, and a harpist played famous songs while several students shared literary selections from the likes of Langston Hughes and Dorothy Parker.

Following these performances, student dance instructors led their peers in learning the steps to The Charleston and other dances. Next on the agenda, Roaring 20s sports enthusiasts participated in softball and other sports typical of the time period.

Last but not least, we all enjoyed traditional 1920s softball arena specialties: hot dogs and candy bars introduced in this time period (i.e., Mounds and Bit o’ Honey). Learning can definitely be fun!