A Healthy and Active Lifestyle

student attend event

By: Olivia Hawkins, senior
Amelia County High School

The Governor’s School of Southside Virginia had a guest speaker on August 14, 2017, Moriah Bellissimo. She is the granddaughter of one of the English teachers on campus, Dr. Hurt. However, she came and spoke to the students about her major, which dealt with the necessity of staying healthy and active. Moriah has a bachelor’s in Nutrition and Food Science as well as a Master’s of Science from Georgia Southern University and Georgia. She is currently a Ph. D. student at Emory University studying Nutrition and Health Sciences. She has not only excelled in school, but also in volleyball. She has played court and beach volleyball and won countless collegiate excellence awards. Moriah’s interesting majors and her experience in sports made her intriguing and more relatable than most adults.

Moriah began her presentation explaining her major and how it is applied throughout a career. She explained how unlike doctors who resolve issues, she works to prevent them by using food and exercise. She began by explaining the chemistry involved in nutrition. Step-by-step Moriah explained how our body either deteriorates or thrives based on what someone eats and how active he or she is. Moriah made a confusing diagram easy to understand, and she also caused the students and faculty to be more conscious of their own eating habits.

She captured the attention of the athletes in the room by describing her own experience with playing sports at the collegiate level as well as working with an NFL team. Moriah worked with the Atlanta Falcons on their own nutrition by helping create diet plans and meals to help the players achieve their professional goals. She continued her presentation by showing us healthy and appetizing options to replace our favorite unhealthy foods.

There was a questions and answer section at the end of her presentation. Moriah answered questions on the negative effects of certain diets, especially low carb diets. Many athletes trusted her enough to ask about their own weight training. She informed us of lifestyle changes we should all make at this young age to help ourselves as we age. Overall, Moriah’s presence and presentation was both engaging and an interesting way to start the 2017-2018 school year at the Governor’s School of Southside Virginia.