GSSV Students Compete

GSSV Students Compete in Chemistry Olympiad

The Governor’s School of Southside Virginia participated in the American Chemical Society’s Chemistry Olympiad during March 2016 and were notified of the results prior to leaving for summer break. Thirteen schools competed in the Virginia Section and were categorized as small or large schools. GSSV was awarded first place in the small school category for the second year exam. This was determined by using the combined total of the five highest scores.

Twenty-eight humanities juniors took the first year exam and nineteen STEM juniors took the second year exam. Bobbi Joe Carwile (Lunenburg, Keysville site) and Brendan Mosley (Greensville, Alberta site) received pins for the highest first year scores in the school. Mary Preston Reed (Nottoway, Alberta), Alena Latysheva (Charlotte, Keysville), Helen Lin (Charlotte, Keysville), and Demory Williamson (Cumberland, Keysville) received the highest second year scores in the school. Brendan Mosley placed third overall in the first year, small school category, while Alena Latysheva, Helen Lin, and Demory Williamson had a three-way tie and placed third overall in the second year, small school category. They received $10 Amazon gift cards for their efforts

Thank you and congratulations to all students who participated in this rigorous opportunity.