GSSV Outreach

student participate in csi program

On November 15, 2017, the Governor’s School of Southside Virginia hosted its annual outreach event. Gifted middle school students from Brunswick, Greensville, Nottoway, and Mecklenburg (Park View) counties traveled to Southside Virginia Community College Christanna Campus to participate in C.S.I. GSSV. This year’s theme was Forensic Technology and how its multiple branches were omnipresent in everyday life. Students were assigned with creating interactive booths that incorporated fundamental math and scientific elements. The GSSV booths included the following: Crime Scene Chemistry, Lab Scene Investigation, Identification of Poisonous Substances, Forensic Instruments, Forensic Science, Math, Forensic Psychology, The History of Forensic Science, and Sketch Art/Facial Simulation. Examples of some of the experiments performed included measuring the stride length of individuals and usin equations to calculate their corresponding wingspan, analyzing the handwriting of people to determine characteristics attributing to their calligraphy style, and looking at a visual for a brief moment and then tasking the students with sketching the “perpetrator” to act as a “witness.”

The GSSV seniors prepared a short production of an Arthur Conan Doyle-styled play entitled An Evening With Sherlock Holmes: The Disappearance of Adam by Jules Tasca. Ahmed Belghith (Brunswick), Katherine Mosier (Park View), Alexis Williams (Nottoway), and Jonathan Stanley (Park View) were the four main actors that worked with their British Literature professor Martha Wilson, Biology professor Celeste Paynter, Calculus professor Ann Moore, and Research Professor Dr. Lucy-Duah Williams in order to make the play possible. At intermission, the middle school students spent eight minutes at each booth and, after each activity was completed, each station was given a clue. After the students
participated in each of the eight booths, they had to pick whichever clue they thought was the solution to the mysterious disappearance of Adam. After the students voted for their answer, Detective Carswell and Corporal Lawson from the South Boston Police Department presented a seminar on routine crimescene investigation processes. Detective Carswell showed the steps he takes in order to lift a latent print off many surfaces for evidence purposes. Overall, the event was enjoyed by all participants.

By: Ahmed Belghith, senior; Brunswick High School

students participate in CSI program