Engineering Joint-Site Event

electrochemical cell experiment

The GSSV STEM Pre-engineering students from the Daniel and Christanna campuses came together in March to share and participate in exploratory activities that detailed electrochemical cells.

Dr. Gordon Waller, a recent Georgia Tech graduate in Materials Science Engineering and his wife, Danielle a graduate of The Governor’s School of Southside Virginia and of the Schools of Engineering at both VA Tech and N.C. State University led the students in concepts recently learned in their chemistry classes.

The students were introduced to electrochemical cell operation, emulsions, electrolytic cell applications, galvanic cells and microbial fuel cells. They witnessed demonstrations and experienced the pitfalls of the use of these cells in naval applications involving sea water.

The students spent the morning working in groups of two to assemble various batteries and analyze the fundamentals of oxidation-reduction reactions. They were active participants in the demonstrations of galvanic cells, microbial fuel cells and the students commented on the experience as providing a deeper understanding of the chemical reactions which occur.

Many of the students felt that further extensions were beneficial to them. One student summed up the most common remark stating: ” I believe it would be beneficial to have more experiences like this because it gives the students examples of possible job opportunities for the future and shows how these little experiments can be applied to real life.”